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Susan Harkins (424) [Avatar] Offline
Please post typographical and code errors to this folder. We'll compile and publish a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience. Thank you!

Susan Harkins
Errata Editor
Manning Publications (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Errata
Page 16 Second bullet
Insert [VARS] before the key-sequence [5] [▶] [ ▶] [1]
yroc (6) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Errata
Figure 1.18, p. 21:
[2nd] [Y=] through [2nd] [TRACE] should be [ALPHA] [Y=] through [ALPHA] [TRACE]
yroc (6) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Errata
Minor typo: p. 43, Under the heading _Finding the Lowest Common Multiple of Two Numbers_, paragraph 1, line 2. The variable "b" should be italicized.
yroc (6) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Errata
Typo: p. 88, third paragraph (beginning "First, set L...").

In the sentence, "The colon is [2nd][.], as you can confirm by looking at the blue or orange text above the [.] key." The word "blue" should be "green."
yroc (6) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Errata
Typo p. 103, paragraph starting with "Look at figure 4.26..."

In the first sentence, "Look at figure 4.26 for an example of storing a matrix to a list and then using that matrix by adding it to itself."

The phrase "storing a matrix to a list" should read "storing a matrix to a matrix variable"
christopher.mitchell (11) [Avatar] Offline
Thank you very much for painstakingly posting all of these errata. I have incorporated almost all of them into the book's official errata, and if a future update covering the newer calculators is forthcoming, it will include these fixes.