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Hi I'm Tim Hawkins, Peter will be along shortly to make his introductions.

I'm one of the authors working to update this fantastic book by Kyle Banker for its second outing.

We are adding a lot of new content in chapters 5-10, highlights are

A whole chapter about text searching

A in depth look at the aggregation framework

A reasonably deep look at geospatial and geosearch in mongodb (we cant go too deep as its a huge subject, but this new content is enough to get people onto the right place on the map so to speak).

Plus loads of small but necessary updates that reflect changes in version 2.0, 2.2, and 2.4 which where released at or after the publication of the first edition.

These are just the things I am working on, Peter is bringing his own raft of improvements to this edition, I'll let him explain those.

As we work through the book, we will rely on you guys to help us by pointing out any problems or shortcomings and places where more explanation is required. So we look forward to working with you folks.

We have tried to cover off as much of the blossoming scope of the MongoDB world, but if we have missed out anything major then let us know.

Tim Hawkins - Aug 2013
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Re: Welcome to the MongoDB in action MEAP
I'm very excited to be contributing to MongoDB in Action and I hope it will be a useful guide as you write Mongo applications. Tim has given a good overview of the major changes to the book, but I want to add that I've focused a lot on the clarity of our examples and looking at problems from a real-world perspective with the goal of making the book more usable than your average technical book.

I would welcome as much feedback as possible, please feel free to post here or contact me directly at or @pbbakkum.

A bit of background on myself: I'm a developer who has worked in database research, finance, a startup, and I currently work in data infrastructure at Groupon. You can find out a little bit about how we use Mongo at Groupon here: