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Please post any typographical or code errors to this folder. We'll compile and publish a comprehensive list if necessary, for everyone's convenience.

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I have a question about the program "SAMELINE" at the bottom of page 39. When I put in that simple program, the output is not like the image at the top of page 40. On my calculator, the word "DONE" appears over the output text, covering the "2" in the output. Is there a missing line of code that moves the "DONE" to a new line? Is there a calculator setting I need to make so this doesn't happen?

FYI, "SAMELINE" is not included with the source code in the .zip file, so I couldn't check it myself.
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In the middle of p. 299, in bold, it says that "This will return 7, since 54 / 8 = 7". But to get 7, the number should be 56, not 54.