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Hi Carlos, I have a doubt with the steps for creating an account in the app, I read the explanation about the code and how it works, but when I tested the app, always appears the login layout, how can I create a new account. Also, I tried to create a new account from the setting menu of the phone, but when appears the I write the user name and password, the top text view change to: "user and/or password are incorrect"; and on the server side appears for example:

IP_addressPhone - - [14/Aug/2013 00:59:16] "HTTP/1.1 GET /service/login/uuario/abc" - 200 OK

I hope you can tell me what to do to create a new account and test the complete app.

Thanks in advance!
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Writing here is not very encouraging since the authors seems to be off-line now.

In this same hack I think something about the 'authToken' is missing: where is it returned? Where is it set?