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Following instructions in Section 7.3.2 Using ROME Fetcher. The disk cache is being created, but the FEED_UNCHANGED event is never fired by FeedFetcherTest even if reading the same ATOM feed within a seconds of creating the cache. ParseFeedFetcher keeps returning same (entire) list, not just the new/updated entry. Apparently the cache is not having any influence over limiting the parsing.
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Re: ROME Fetcher Not Working as Advertised
Answering my own. Author welcome to chime in.

From project description, ROME Fetch is a "caching feed fetcher that supports retrieval of feeds via HTTP conditional GET. Supports ETags, GZip compression, and RFC3229 Delta encoding".

The ATOM feed needs to support this for ROME Fetch to work out of the box (right?). Turns out the feed I was polling, the National Weather Service, does not seem to support conditional GET.

I am thinking about bolting a caching solution (like Ehcache), outside of ROME.

Section 7.3.2 says FeedFetcherCache implementations, like the DiskFeedInfoCache are not part of ROME anyway, author had to create.