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rhral (4) [Avatar] Offline
In Chapter 5 I'm missing instructions on how two create lookup zones in the DNS. The only hint is shown in Figure 5.12. Without this information it is difficult to accomplish Task 1.

Chapter 5.2.2 Defining a unique name by IP address
You write that "most administrators ignore this option because they think they have only one IP address for the entire web server". I could imagine that many admins ignore this option because they have a very limited number of real, outside world IP addresses, or am I wrong? Don't I need multiple real IP addresses to be able to use this option? This has not become very clear to me from reading the text.

Chapter 5.2.4 Defining a unique name by host name
For external users to be able to access my websites by host name, do I have to ask my internet provider to make corresponding DNS entries? How could I do this myself if not in intranet?

Please excuse my silly beginner questions.
jason.helmick (63) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Questions to Chapter 5
Hi rhral!

Thanks for the feedback. Creating DNS zones is a basic windows server task and was not included. A quick google search can help - but select the folder for "forward lookup zones" and right click. You will see an option to create a new zone. Give the zone a name and let the wizard create the zone for you.

In many load balancing scenerios discussed later int eh book, being able to create virtual IP address for a website is very helpful. You are correct that if the goal is put the websites on unique outside address, then several would be required. Many admins have erroneosly believed that they needed to build a new IIS Server for each website with a unique outside address. I was simply stating that this is not required.

For host entry names, you will need to make a zone and A record in the global DNS to correspond to the hostname. Most providers have an easily accessible interface for you to do this.