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Currently, we have lots of UI to pivot mondrian cubes, like jpivot, saiku, pentheho. They are all based on java back end, or olap4j library. I am always wondering is it possible to create a UI totally based on xmla, so that we don't need tie ourself to java platform. I am creating a pure javascript component called webpivottable and it will mimic exactly like microsoft excel. This component will consume both CSV data and olap cube. Connecting to olap cube is totally based on xmla. I have finished CSV part and developing olap support now.

After reading the new chapter 10, I get more confidence that I am on the right track. But also would like to have your expert opinions about this. Would you please take a look at these website: webpivottable.com and bi2.io and give me some suggestions?

Thanks a lot

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