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seankearon (7) [Avatar] Offline

It's awesome to see this available now. I'll be buying my EAP as soon as I get home!

Looking at your chapter list so far, there's nothing that covers security issues such as encryption, authentication and authorisation. I think it would be valuable to cover these, especially so as to help place RavenDB in the enterprise context.

Coverage of strategies for migrating document structures over time as a result of application changes would be really valuable. Showcasing the capabilities of IDocumentConversionListener would be pretty awesome!

Do you plan to cover things like the standard bundles and the spatial capabilities?

What about the more recent capabilities such as indexing related documents and the use of streams when fetching documents?

Lastly, would you be able to discuss the use of RavenDB in an embedded desktop situation? This is very different space to using RavenDB server-side and RavenDB works absolutely brilliantly there. And, I have a few thousand single user app deployments out there running on hardware ranging from XP Netbooks to Win 8 Ultrabooks to prove it!


synhershko (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Other chapter suggestions
Thanks Sean

Chapter 11 is planned to cover production related topics: migrations, profiling, deployment (including authentication, upgrading etc) and backup strategies. Not sure if authorization and encryption will make it in - but there's still time to decide.

Bundles will be covered in chapter 10, spatial is planned for chapter 7, streams in 6, and related documents is a topic for the Modeling chapter, which is 5.

As for Embedded, chapter 2 already mention this capability, but there may be some room for further discussion. Let me know where you think it fits once you've read Ch02.

Some chapter changes may still occur, but I made sure all the important topics will make it in.


seankearon (7) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Other chapter suggestions
Brilliant - sounds great. I thought you'd have it all covered! smilie

I'll certainly get back to you when I've read chapter 2.


seankearon (7) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Other chapter suggestions
Hi Itamar

Okay, having read Ch 2 and thought about this for a while, I really do think that there should be some more discussion about using RavenDB in an embedded scenario, by which I mean desktop as server is very different.

RavenDB is very suited to that use case, but there are considerable differences in usage. I currently have a lot of desktops out there (somewhere between 2,000 - 5,000) and in my experience the things that matter are:

Differences in hardware - netbooks vs ultrabooks. RavenDB is very capable on both, but it would be good to know how to design for low CPU systems.
Esent - you have to use Smuggler to transfer data.
Esent - if you have to work on a customer's data files, then you have to have the customer's OS available.
Esent - some guidance on how to use esentutl to diagnose and repair a damaged database would be good (I've seen my first EsentOutOfBuffersException tonight!).
Eventual consistency is not acceptable to a single user.

What do you think?


itamar.synhershko (10) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Other chapter suggestions
This sounds like a list of topics to go in the Deployment chapter - adding a section on deploying desktop applications sounds legit.

Take a look at Chapter 4's Query your writes section - this is Personal Consistency and what you should use for your scenario

seankearon (7) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Other chapter suggestions
Superb, thanks. Looking forward to reading more.