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In many places there references such as "XREF chap_web_mapping"; I've seen them in PDF, epub, and mobi versions. Is this some error, or is this caused by lack of particular chapters, so software used to genereate ebooks puts such a string when it cannot find referenced chapter?

There is also problem with mobi (Kindle version). When I choose white text on black background, text is OK, but code examples are unreadable. White text on bright violet background is very hard to read. Is there something you could do with that?

"making it not only the most Advanced, but perhaps the most flexible and BEST relational database out there" - shouldn't it be "the most advanced .... and best...", without this strange capitalization?

Paget 9 (12 in PDF), FREE AS IN FREEDOM:
"you see the source code" -> "you can see the source code"

Page 19 (22 in PDF): 1.4.1 Digest the problem:
Here are several reasons that
might have motivated you to try to answer this question (feel free to cook up your
* A fast-food chain trying to locate a new store where supply falls short.
* A highway commissioner wanting to satisfy the needs of motorists, from whom you'll be
collecting tolls.
* A health-conscious parent who's trying to cut-down the availability of fast food in the
* A hungry traveller looking for your next meal.

There is the mixture of persons in those examples - e.g. hungry traveller looking for your next meal.
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Re: Small fixes in Chapter 1

Thanks for the errata. Regarding the XREF chap_web_mapping etc. that is a draft issue. In final release it will be resolved to the actual chapter/section and link to chapter/section. It's like that because they build each chapter separately during draft phase so its unable to resolve with ids from other chapters.

We'll check with Manning about the Kindle issue you mention. That may be a draft only issue as well. On the first edition it does look like a lot of the listings are image snapshots so more readable on black but looks a little odd and I see what you mean about black background on the MEAP second.

We'll correct the other issues you mention in next MEAP release.
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Re: Small fixes in Chapter 1

We fixed the other small errors and brought up the issue with kindle to our editor. They are looking into that one to make sure its just a draft issue.

Should see changes in next MEAP release. We just fiinish first draft of chapter 10 so new MEAP release will hopefully be available in next week or so.