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Hi there - My son and I are working through Hello World, and have become stumped on program 14.2. We are using Python 3.3.2, and when we run the program as downloaded, get a syntax error. My son was able to figure out the upgraded handling of the print parameters (parentheses around quotes), and we no longer get a syntax error message, but the program does not print out the correct size, color and direction information. This is what is returned:

I just created a ball.
My ball is
My ball is
My ball's direction is
Now I'm going to bounce the ball
Now the ball's direction is

Any suggestions? I have searched through the errata to no success, and assume that what we are experiencing has to do with a difference in the way that Python 2.6 and 3.3 handle objects, but I cannot find a reference that clarifies the problem that we are having. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated so that we can proceed.