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hi guys im new in this world of objective-C lol . we studied objectice-C for 3 days and they gave this project to work on it .... need your help
you’ll the rich introspection capabilities of Objective-­‐C to create a simple Object Relation Mapper (ORM). This library must be able to persist and load objects from a storage engine. It should be able to create necessary tables on the fly, just by introspecting the object to map Objective-­‐C types to whatever the storage engine uses. It should be able to persist simple types (number, strings,...) and relationships between objects (pointers to objects), and arrays of these types. You’re not required to support more complex types (dictionaries, array of something else than simple types and object pointers, ...). Feel free to implement these features using the Active Record pattern or an entity manager. Your project must support at least one storage engine, MySQL or SQLite. However, your code must be designed to make adding more engines as easy as possible. Your library should also be multi-­‐threaded: Persisting one object should not block the engine: It should be possible to load another object in the meantime.

i don't know where to start from and I really , really need your help
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Re: create a simple Object Relation Mapper (ORM)
Im not looking for an answer juste more explanation of the project,