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just started to read the fist chapters, and stumbled across example SQL DDL code in chapter 1.2 that mentions a table named USERS. Now, I dont remember the exact reference - but I do think it was an authoritative one (might have been ol' Date himself) - that says that table names should be in singular and not in plural, just like the entities they implement, or class names.

Waddya think?

P.S.: Just did a google search, and it turns out this is a rather controversial issue, with the majority leaning towards singular, however. OTOH, there is one well-renowned source ( "SQL Programming Style" by Joe Celko) that favors plural and cites ISO/IEC 11179 as a reference. So this may be a moot discussion
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Re: Table names
USER is a reserved keyword in most DBMS. USERS was chosen to illustrate that point, in chapter 4.

Celko is a quack.