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RayT (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Richard,

I seem to have borked my AD in a live environment (which is why I searched the web, found your book & bought it). However the "troubleshooting" section is not out yet and I don't know if it will actually help in my case anyway.

Do you provide tips on how to fix things once they'd been messed up (either in the book or maybe even a little paid for advice)? I don't think it is a complicated problem and I hope there is a simple "quick fix".

It doesn't appear to be effecting normal users, but it's broken my RDP access to the servers and is throwing up a bunch of errors. I'm sort of at a loss where to start as I don't want to dig myself further into trouble.

Thanks in advance.
richard.siddaway (71) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Getting a little help

There will be some troubleshooting and fixes in the final few chapters of the book but without knowing more about your problem I can't say whether it will be covered or not.

RDP is dependent on a few things:
- being enabled on the server
- being allowed by the Windows firewall if present
- the user attempting to login being a member of the correct groups

I'd check if RDP has been disabled on the servers - control panel -system

check if the firewall is present and passing RDP traffic - control panel - firewall

check that any groups you are in still have RDP access and haven't been denied.

its possible that a GPO change caused your problems. You could move a server to the Computers container and restart to flush the GPOs and then see if you can connect

happy to help further if you share the error messages