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Me gustaria saber si la documentación del libro esta basada en pruebas con la versión CE de pentaho, y si no es así si es posible implementarlo en la versión CE de pentaho.
En las figuras de los ejemplos muestra el Pentaho Analyzer, me gustaría saber si es posible instalarlo en la versión CE de pentaho y como lo podria hacer.

I wonder if the documentation of the book is based on tests using pentaho CE version, and if not, if possible deploy pentaho CE version.
In the figures of the examples shows the Pentaho Analyzer, I wonder if it is possible to install pentaho CE version and as I could do.
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Re: Version de Pentaho
I second this question. Right now the Pentaho BI Server CE use Mondrian 3.5, and I cannot get it to work with aggregation code in Chapter 7.

Please define your Mondrian version in the book (or this forum). You did mention that the code is use for Mondrian 4, if that were the case, where can I find that version?
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Re: Version de Pentaho
The book was written with Mondrian 4.0 (pre-release) and Pentaho 4.8. With the exception of the Enterprise features everything should work in Pentaho CE 4.8 with Mondrian 4.0 installed.

To get Mondrian 4.0 you currently need to check out the Lagunitas branch from github and build it. Note that there are some dependencies .jar files that need to be copied over as well.