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In Listing 5.6 I assume that you would like to change the path from "/documentcloud" to "/"
since we have already "mounted " the FileUpload servlet to "/upload"

In Listing 5.7 item variable should be file and mediabase should be initialized

However I cannot manage to make it work. I am in Windows and I am setting mediabase to "c:/temp". Also, I did not change the web.xml file as shown in page 17 since I kept getting error messages from my IDE that the servlet mapping was missing.

Any idea on what is wrong?
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Re: FileUpload Errors and Question

you are right about modifying the action url in the form. For listing 3.7, FileItem is actually correct and mediaBase is read from the outer class.

We created a public source code repository at:

Can you try executing the code with SBT?