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Is there a discussion about using slowly changing dimensions in a Mondrian model? If the authors have encountered any scenarios, it would be nice to know generally what they were and what techniques there are to expose versions of rows using MDX queries, Mondrian models and the engine itself.

SCD is one of the most popular topics in dimensional modeling, yet I have never seen a schema in the last few years take advantage of it. All the schema I have seen take the latest technical key against a technical key in the fact table with a given measure.

Thanks for considering this topic.

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Re: Working with slowly changing dimensions in Mondrian
Chapter 3 has a discussion on slowly changing dimensions (types I, II, and III).

However, keep in mind that the original work done by Kimball dealt with only databases. IMO, the correct approach is to have the fact table link to the version of the dimension row via surrogate keys that represents the true state at the time the fact occurred.