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bottom of page 17
Missing s,
One for each of the color of the RGBA color space.

should be
One for each of the colors...

Page 18 (21 in PDF)
Change 'corn field' to 'cornfield'
cornfield is one word

change: "the US and Mexico" to either
"US and Mexico" or "the United States and Mexico"

change "Modelling" to
Double-l is British spelling, not consistent with the word "color" using US spelling. Actually, also not consistent with "modeling" used several pages later.


Pg. 19/22
No need to use a word like "perigee," that most of your readers won't know. (I know I had to look it up, which was distracting).

pg 28 (PDF)
postgis_in_action_2e ---> postgis_in_action
(we've been asked to create a database named postgis_in_action throughout the rest of the book.

pg 29 (PDF)
"How many fast-food restaurants are within one mile of a highway?." Remove the period. The question mark is sufficient. Also, "Alas" seems like not-quite-the-right word. I suggest leaving it out.
f.franchise_name --> f.franchise
f.franchise_code -->
ch01.roads --> ch01.highways

To only count each resturant once, in (1) we used the
COUNT(DISTINCT) construct to ensure we count each restaurant only once.
Change to:
To ensure that we count each restaurant only once, we used the COUNT(DISTINCT) construct.

(remove duplicate "count each restaurant..." and correct spelling of 'restaurant')


pg 30,31,32
fix dwithin to 18, per Patrick's post:
Also, fix image. My restaurants came in south of the selected highway, not to the east, as shown.

(Also, can you further explain the SQL on the bottom of pg PDF-31. I don't find it to be intuitive SQL. It would be helpful if each complex sql statement were also described in the form of an English sentence. I can clearly see that it works... I just can't quite figure out why.)
"geography" and "topology" appear twice in the list of Index Terms.


We’ll refer to these as a spatial catalog and are similar in concept to the standard information_schema catalog
tables you’ll find in PostgreSQL proper...

I think this sentence has a grammar issue. I'd split it into two: "We'll refer to these as a spatial catalog; They are similar in concept to..."

Otherwise, the "are similar" seems to apply to "we."
up to date--> up-to-date
"Spatial columns versus layers"
If they are often referred to as synonyms, perhaps this shouldn't be titled "versus." replace "versus" with "and"
Regardless what spatial types you use--> Regardless of what spatial types you use
subclassfications ---> subclassifications
It's subtype --> Its subtype
(See: )
PDF-38 creates a table called my_points. PDF-39 alters a table called my_geometries (which doesn't actually exist). I think the one on pg. 38 should be renamed my_geometries.
[Actually, this item is currently a barrier. I can't seem to figure out how not to get error messages, no matter what I try, including creating a new table called my_geometries]
UPDATE: I was able to alter the my_geometries table upon creating a field called Name. We hadn't yet learned about postgresql text types, so first I tried "char" and discovered that was only 1 character. So, after a good deal of manipulation, and creation of a 25-character field, I was able to get past this erratum.
throughout chapter 2 code listings, be sure to prepend table names with schema "ch02."
"Listing 2.3 demonstrates exterior ring forming a solid polygon whose exterior created from the closed linestring we defined in listing 2.2."
1) "whose exterior created from" --> "whose exterior was created from"
2) It doesn't seem that this was actually created from the prior listing content. Seems it's generating values anew, directly from the typed text in 2.3. Is the following more accurate? "Listing 2.3 demonstrates forming a solid polygon whose exterior matches the closed linestring we defined in 2.2"
For a 3DM multipoints,--> For a 3DM multipoint
not an error, just a suggestion: Clarify that "with or without a space" refers (I think?) to to the space after the word "MULTIPOINT."
is more in line with [how] other spatial relational databases,--> remove "how"
"The following examples of multilinestring are shown..."
Set "multilinestring" in Courier font.)
not necessary, but I'd expect "Figure" to be capitalized.
Might be helpful if Figure 2.8 matched the three MULTILINESTRINGs described.

"you'd either have to resort to some convention to tag the missing data."
(expecting an "or" because of the "either.")
"All PostGIS functions that take M coordinates into consideration assumes"
(Change "assumes" to "assume")

Listing 2.6 Forming geometrycollectionms from constituent geometries
(remove extraneous "m")
(Is it intentional to include listing 2.6? It seems quite similar to listing 2.5. If both are important, it would be helpful to the reader to distinguish the two.)
"Aeronautical charts are full of them because the sweep of radar is circular."
(Best to change "them" to "curved geometries" because this sentence appears immediately after one saying "for many modeling cases, these structures can be adequately approximated with lines."
"Curved subtypes are not suppported in the geography data type." (remove extra "p" in "supported")
ALTER TABLE my_geometries
ADD COLUMN ch02.my_circular_strings geometry(CIRCULARSTRING);
(Move "ch02." to prepend "my_geometries." Remove from ADD COLUMN statement.)
For all the illustrations based on converting to geometries from text, it would be helpful if the figures included a grid, and labeled points.
(remove capitalization from the letter "H")
(near the middle of the second paragraph, beginning of the line.)
colums -->columns
(near end of first paragraph)
"If you don’t the record in geometry_columns"
(Add comma after "don't")
"Another pre-2.0 headache when adding new column"
(change to either "when adding a new column" or "when adding new columns" per your preference.)

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regina.leo (265) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Errata
Unfortunately I think we missed the cut for this upcoming MEAP, but will be in the one about to come up.
regina.leo (265) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Errata

Thank you very much for the input. I think we got most of the chapter 1 changes in you have so should be in next release which should be in about a week. Hoping to get the other chapter changes in as well.

As mentioned for explaining the SQL we are planning to do much of that in the Appendix C and Appendix D and just put a refer to etc for explanation. the chapters are already too long and many database folks will be familiar with those so may get distracted if they just came to learn about PostGIS.

We probably need to make a couple more updates to those appendix especially D since PostgreSQL 9.3 added the new LATERAL join construct which is very handy for spatial queries. It's an ANSI-SQL construct (so technically should be in C), but I don't think any other database supports it with that name so we'll probably just demonstrate in D as a PostgreSQLism.

As far as repeating of glossary terms. That's a draft issue. It repeats whenever we tag. Issue will not exist in the production grade PDF/print book.