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It may be worth noting that you must have .NET framework installed to run the Get-WinEvent Microsoft-Windows-winrm/operational command. The Powershell dialogue will tell you as much if it is not installed so users will figure it out. It is a judgment call on how much to spoon feed the material.
The Enable-PSWSManCombinedTrace calls the GetTempFileName() function to create a temporary file name and path, and then assign it to a variable, $provfile. I have my middle initial and spaces in my user account so the file path returned by GetTempFileName() looks something like C:usersJohn Q. DoeAppDataLocalTemp mpCC37.tmp. That would be fine except that Enable-PSWSManCombinedTrace does not like having my initial in there. When I ran the command with an Admin account with no middle initial (i.e. no spaces), it ran fine. Curiously, when I entered the same commands from the command line, it also worked fine.
It would be helpful to have the commands you enter broken out from the main text and screen shots. This makes it easier to follow and enter the commands as you follow along. See “Windows PowerShell in Action” for an example of what I am referring to. You may also want to reduce the screen shot to just the output to save space. Page 5, for example uses half the page for blue PowerShell screen.
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Another Chapter 1 issue. Page 5.

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