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Hi guys, been reading your book, great stuff, keep it coming!

In chapter 12, please don't assume the use of sbt. Many people use Maven and the chapter is basically unusable. For instance:

Change the line context.mount(new CommentsController, "/*") in src/main/scala/ScalatraBootstrap.scala to context.mount(new CommentsController, "/comments/*") so that any requests for Comment resources show up at e.g. http://localhost:8080/comments instead of just http://localhost:8080/

This makes no sense because I don't have a ScalatraBootstrap.scala to start with.

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Re: Chapter 12 comments
We went back and forth on whether to cover Maven. Our experience from project support is the overwhelming majority of our users choose sbt, and we want to be sure to cover the mainstream option well. I'm an old Maven user myself. If there's significant demand for it, I'd be happy to cover it. I'll ask around in the various support channels.

Thanks for the feedback!