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"It’s shorter, and cuts right to the punch." should be "It’s shorter, and cuts right to the chase." That said I'm not sure this is an accurate use of the phrase. LESS and Sass don't ensure any less coding, in fact many times they can actually require more. What they are great at is maintainability.

"By preprocessing, we add features to our stylesheets…" not really. The resulting stylesheet is just CSS. The LESS or Sass files on the other hand have added features.

"Although preprocessing won’t magically clean up bloated stylesheets, it will serve to condense CSS, reducing load times, and help you increase your productivity." This is either contradicting itself or needs rewording. It says it won't clean up bloated code but does condense CSS. If by condense we're talking about minifying CSS, then we're talking about the preprocessor and not preprocessing. Maybe "Although preprocessors won’t magically clean up bloated stylesheets, they can minify CSS, reducing load times, and help you increase your productivity."

Without the rest of the chapters to see how deeply preprocessors factor in to things I'd be concerned about adding them into a book of this nature. Up to this point the book has really focused on the basics of responsive and preprocessors are definitely not basic. Does this possibly make the balance of the book unusable to people not ready for preprocessing?

One of the points you make in this section is the need for well crafted CSS. I know that each person has their own definition of "well crafted" but this would likely server beginners more ten preprocessors. Show them a method of organizing CSS for mobile first responsive. Most of the code samples are fragments and don't show what a finished stylesheet looks like. It's not safe to assume the reader is already skilled in writing vanilla CSS and things can only get worse if they jump straight to preprocessors.

This may just be me but, concepts of progressive enhancement and unobtrusive javascript should be laid out before preprocessor as they are will have greater impact on the final product. Not done right they pose a bigger risk to user experience then bloated CSS.