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"This gives us the opportunity to build a site in small phases, instead of one person building the entire site in a bubble." There are 2 thoughts hear, both of which are valuable but disconnected. Building in phases is a great way to approach responsive, something of an agile method as it were, build, test, improve. Also not building in a bubble to me is about encouraging collaboration. I think the real concept here is to iterate and collaborate.

"Is we scale…" should be "As we scale…"

"Browsers parse HTML first to determine DOM structure, so…" the DOM is fairly advanced topic that may be completely unfamiliar to beginners. This part of the sentence could be dropped and actually make the message "clean, maintainable code" really stand out. Maybe it belongs in the Designer Insight block.

Back to a list of links instead of the the ul for nav. This really should be consistent or further explained for the readers sake.

"In responsive web design, something is only done after it’s been blown out to work for a range of site widths." Not sure what this really means.

"If we simply scale our header up and move elements around the page, we run the risk of adding elements superfluously, or restricting our site to a set of breakpoints." Nice insight here.

"The reason we can decrease the information button is because we can assume our user is using a mouse/trackpad and keyboard as their inputs at this point." Not yet you can't. You've only set a breakpoint of 1024 which is still tablet size and with retina displays this isn't a given at larger resolutions and doesn't account for TV.

"We’ve created is a header module that reacts responsively, but in it’s interaction and in it’s layout." Not sure what this means.

The section numbering in this chapter is incorrect. There are a considerable amount of typo's and grammatical errors as well.