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"If you don’t expand your knowledge base to include a library of solutions to common problems, you’re likely to repeat the same solutions over and over." It's not clear if you mean to say you'll repeat mistakes in the absence of a pattern library or a pattern library will help in applying best practices or it's good to have an abundance of solutions so as not to get stuck using just one or two repeatedly. This may just be me.

"Top level navigation is the navigation element found at the absolute top of a web page." This defines the top nav based on position on the page rather than by the fact it is the primary navigation for the site regardless of position on the page. Not all primary navs are at the top, especially "absolute top."

"It commonly serves as a portal throughout the site map." Should this just be "...throughout the site."?

You've switched to the ul for a nav list here but used a series of links earlier in the book. This may cause some confusion for beginners in the absence of why one would choose one method over another.

There are some formatting inconsistencies in the CSS for the drop-down nav

In the last two paragraphs before the summary there a couple things. "The other draw back…" should read "Another drawback…" IF you're going to keep the final paragraph. The final paragraph is really just a furthering of the "select menus are hard to style" thought and could potentially go away without changing the sentiment.

"These problems are almost always boiled down to “it’s very difficult”." This is so true. When will people learn, responsive is hard.