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grayscale (4) [Avatar] Offline
Found a couple of possible errors I wanted to pass on (found them in v7 and they made it into vsmilie

Section 5.1 Phase 1: Adding a new website using the IIS manager

[...]When you're adding a new site, you'll start with the main GUI view, as in figure 5.3. In the navigation pain, under your web server[...] <-- I'm guessing you meant pane

Section 5.1.3 Step 3: Set the physical path

--- Under the Can web files be located other places than the local web server? subsection:
A websites physical path[...] <-- Did you want that to be plural or possessive?

Lab - Task 1
Of the three domains you ask to be created as new forward lookup zones in DNS, is repeated twice. I inferred that the third domain is from later steps in the lab.

Added additional items while working through lab.
jason.helmick (63) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 5 v8
Awesome catches! thank you so much. I'm going to update the labs to make them a little clearer....thank you for catching my mistake.