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The text refers in Ch 1 to restaurants.csv but does not state where this can be located (p23). The website fastfoodmaps.com does not appear to make this data available (p23).

Also, the word 'vernacular' is misspelled 'vanacular' (bottom of p14). The pronoun 'your' in the sentence 'A hungry traveller looking for your next meal' does not make sense unless the traveler (spelled here in the British form as 'traveller') is indeed looking to eat your next meal, and not only are you willing to make this sacrifice, you are willing to use PostGIS to do it (p19). A further example in this vein could show how PostGIS could be used by a programmer to find optimal locations to outsource his job.

The 2nd edition is a considerable improvement on the first: less marketing, fewer distractions, more germane cognitive load and less extraneous cognitive load. The decision to move detailed discussion of PostgreSQL features to an appendix shows consideration for the reader.

If you would like detailed comments on removing marketing fluff and extraneous cognitive load, I would be happy to provide what I can, as I have a need to immerse myself in PostGIS to get up to speed in an unreasonably short time.
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Re: Ch 1. Unable to locate restaurants.csv

We'll be updating the code download in next MEAP. Unfrotuantely I think we accidentally left it out.

You can download from here: