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Using PostgreSQL 9.1.5, PostGIS 2.0.1, and QGIS 1.8.0 on Windows 7.

Hello, I'm trying to follow the examples in the PostGIS in Action book but have come to a problem right at the beginning. After creating the database from template, I was able to connect to it using QGIS, but I cannot see the points generated in chapter 1.4 of the book. I get a message from QGIS stating that the "database connection was successful, but the accessible tables could not be determined." Anyone know where I might be going wrong here? I ran the version query and confirmed that the database is spatially enabled.
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Re: Viewing the PostGIS in Action examples in QGIS
I'll try to clarify my question a bit and maybe get a bite for it. If I connect to a postgis db that's fully loaded with data through qgis, I am able to visualize the data. Connecting to a brand new postgis db is where the problem occurs. If I understand correctly, the "ST_Point(1, 2) as MyFirstPoint" syntax in chapter 1.4.2 creates a point in the db. However, when I connect to the db through qgis, the only table that is listed as having geometry (table "raster_columns" under schema "public") does not seem to contain the point. I cannot even select the table to add a layer from it.

I've followed the instructions in chapter 12.3 for qgis and remain at a loss. Any help would be appreciated.