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Art Scott (9) [Avatar] Offline
Please consider adding at least a sidebar re: F# GUI issues
Please forgive me, I'm going to refer to several other sources ---

Expert F# 3.0 page 469 touches on using Nuget's Fsharpx.TypeProviders.dll
to build the XAML F# bridge. I'd like to see that expanded to say at least a page, with a complete example, as VS'12 sample solution. -----

Jon Harrop's F# Journal recently published an article Using F# and WPF to Creat the World ... And other 3D Graphics" by D. K. Ryan. (Do not know who has the copyright?) Don Ryan uses the technique, described in Expert F# 3.0, page 468, of C# XAML bridge F# ... not the technique on pg 469 i.e. straight F# XAML. I much prefer pg 469's straigth technique. -----

Currently I'm applying the "straight" F# XAML pg 469 technique to D.K. Ryan's F#J article. I'm making some progress, but I'd LOVE to see MEAP experts do a full on treatment!! ----

Also, to motivate further --- scanning WWW I think I saw some note/blog about how using XAML GUI dev's can build for both Win8 and WP8 ??!! That seems a ++. ----

Also --- Harrop, on a StackOverflow question I think, muses about the pros and cons of using static GUI built with tools (Blend?) and Dynamic GUIs (like BI) built with F#. The world is moving fast; I'm not sure the trend or direction ... some hybrid of static and dynamic tools techniques for the job at hand ...? How to know and choose. ----

Also --- why I like/think F# GRFX/ani is F#UN and important ---
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Awesome video that will change the way you think about life (or at least cell biology)…

— Don Syme (@dsyme) February 1, 2013</blockquote>

Thanks for GR8 work. PLH OOE Art