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In code snippet:

SELECT c.city_name
FROM city As c
LEFT JOIN airports As ON a.city_code=c.city_code
WHERE a.airport_code IS NULL;

- missing "a" after "airport As"
- "As" would better be in uppercase (twice)

Do you maintain an Errata on your web site, to download?
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Re: Errata page 437

Which edition of the book are you reading? That looks like it's coming from Appendix C of the first edition and I don't think we've released the version of that on MEAP for edition 2 yet though we are planning to.

As far as errata. We are planning to put in corrections to the code as people find them. We can do the same for version 1 as well. Thought aht technically isn't an errata.

I think Manning keeps list of errata on the book page, but interestingly enough we haven't received any errata for Book 1. We'll certainly fix this issue in Appendix C of Edition 2 (and there will be more examples demonstrating newer features of PostgreSQL/PostGIS).