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hanafey (18) [Avatar] Offline
Section 3.4.2 has a note "Placeholder evaluation time" that makes the reader wonder if the "values" and "strings" parts of a GString can be changed. Thinking "String", a reasonable guess is these properties will have read only access. The following examples shows that GStrings are mutable. Seems like this should be made clear at this point in the book.

def a = 'abc'
def b = 123
def c = "a is $a and b is $b"
println c
c.values[0] = 'foobar'
println c
c.strings[0] = 'It is no longer abc '
println c

a is abc and b is 123
a is foobar and b is 123
It is no longer abc foobar and b is 123
paulk_asert (33) [Avatar] Offline
Re: GStrings mutable of immutable?
Using placeholders that are Closures is part of the design of GStrings that allows the GString to change over time. Changing the underlying values or strings arrays happens to allow the GString also to change but isn't part of the conventions around how GStrings are normally used, rather an implementation detail that might change in the future so we tend not to promote its usage too much. We should though improve our description of this fact. Thanks for your suggestion.