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I'm constently stalled by errors, with no explaintion to them. The book is not well written and is often confusing. the code examples are poorly laid out making following them more difficult. Almost every example I've done has been full of errors, most of which require actual research to find out how to do correctly. I'm extremely dissappointed in this book.

I've read many books on programming language and this by far is the worse. With little to no support.
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Re: Do not Buy this book.
Hi Goast,

Sorry to hear that you're disappointed.

There was a lot of time spent in writing and carefully proof reading the book before it went to print. So far, I know of only two errors, and I'm in the process of writing the errata at the moment, so if you (or anyone else) knows of any other issues, please let me know.


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Anthony- I think you missed the main point... NO SUPPORT. Where is the community forum new users can go to for help? Is this it or did I miss something?