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Hmm, something new - missing dots at the end of all figure captions smilie

Chapter 8.1.1
... client with Malware.. -> remove double dots.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (p. 163)
discussed later . . -> remove double dots

Page 173
tab- specific => tab - specific (additional space)

In this chapter it was good I saw how Request Filtering is working - we use some predefined rules in hardening IIS for ConfigMgr. Never thought about the background.
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Re: Chapter 8 - File v7
Hehehehe....ya, to be honest there has been a little confusion about using the dots in the figures....I'm going to work that out with my editor. Initially it wasn't preferred, but we might change that.

I going to have to fly out there and buy you a beer for all the hard work. It's GREATLY appreciated.