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Zip file is corrupted and cannot be repaired by zip-repairing software.

Anyone got that one retyped?
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Re: Corrupt zip file for Chapter 34 code
A corrupt zip archive can be repaired by using WinRar and by using a third-party recovery software. To repair it by using WinRar:
1. Open WinRar application.
2. Click on File > Open Archive. Browse your damage archive (.zip) file.
3. Now press Alt+R to get WinRar repair dialog screen.
4. Select file location.
5. Check on the box of Treat the corrupt archive as ZIP.
6. Now press on OK.
This will repair the corrupted ZIP archive. Another to repair a corrupted ZIP archive is ZIP Recovery software. It will repair the corrupted ZIP archive and recover maximum data from it. You may try its free demo version before buying the full version.