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Makovec (72) [Avatar] Offline
Very good overview if web apps. And great tip with WebPI - didn't know about that. Now can simulate my WordPress web easily smilie

Chapter 6 (page 105)
PHP and drupal. => PHP and Drupal. (capital D)

Chapter 6.1.1
XML (Extensible Markup Language) => XML (eXtensible Markup Language)

(page 107)
No, that’s why you have the IIS manager => No, that’s why you have the IIS Manager

(page 109)
Monitoring processor utilization with PowerShell. What about to add tip how to use Get-Counter for checking that? Maybe some function which you can then run with Invoke-Command on remote server?

Chapter 6.1.5
See if the application => See if the application (think there is additional space before 'See')

Chapter 6.2.2
PS> Add-WindowsFeature –Name Web-ASP (bad font)

Chapter 6.2.3
Once installed the IIS Manger => Once installed the IIS Manager

Chapter 6.3.1 (page 125)
Note to LogParser - Maybe I am strange, but I found LogParser easier to use than PowerShell itself. I use it quite often because my IIS logs are sometime really huge (last was more than 5GB). Can't imagine to parse it with PowerShell. Mainly because of the speed.
There is a good tool built on top of LogParser: LogParser Studio ( good thing is that it contains predefined queries so if someone is not fluent in SQL, can still use it. Maybe you can prepare some queries based on your most frequent needs. If you want I can do that for you (maybe can start with examples you showed in the text).

(page 125) last example
-SimpleMAtch " => -SimpleMAtch ""

Chapter 6.4
The devleopment team => The development team

and my favorite => missing dots at the end of every figure caption.
jason.helmick (63) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 6 - File v7
Again my friend, thank you!!!
jason.helmick (63) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 6 - File v7
smilie I paid you credit for the LogParser Studio reminder in this chapter. Hopefully it will clear edit.

Thanks again for everything.

jason.helmick (63) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 6 - File v7
Oh! and one additional note you will like....Manning has illustrators to clean up the graphics...I'm sure they will get all those pesky missing dots after the figure captions. smilie