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Makovec (72) [Avatar] Offline

Me again - after long time smilie But hopefully without additional big gap. Let's begin with dots.

Missing dots at the end of figure captures: 5.3, 5.4, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 5.10, 5.13, 5.14, 5.15

Chapter 5
not only will you be able => not only you will be able
save yourself some time.. => save yourself some time. (double dots)

Figure 5.2
I know you mention to not do anything there, but maybe just quick link to chapter 5.2.5 will prevent people from being confused if they try to create new site at this step.

Chapter 5.1 (page 87)
Figure 5.5. illustrates the portion => Figure 5.5 illustrates the portion (remove dot)

Chapter 5.2.5
The error message in figure 5.x is IIS trying => The error message in figure 5.7 is IIS trying (figure number)

Chapter 5.3
There is an inconsistency between figure 5.15 and code in steps. I mean Site2 in figure but PoshTestSite in code. No big deal, but anyway.

Chapter 5.4 (Task1)
They should be primary zones, you can integrat them into => They should be primary zones, you can integrate them into

Have an additional question: I created PowerShell code to create web sites in labs. Will you provide something like that also? If not and if you are interested, I can share with you when I'll recreate it (oh yes - it "disappeared" when I rebuild my VM).

Hope to check few other chapters soon.

jason.helmick (63) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 5 - File v7
Makovec! Glad your back. I really appreciate all the help and I will make these corrections. You really are a huge help!

Yes, I will be including automation scripts towards the end of the book as we look at scaling out.....but if you have something cool that you want to share I would be happy to look at it. If it makes it into the book I will of course give you credit. Also, I would be happy to put some scripts on the support site for the book

Thank you so much for the help!