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hellerim (22) [Avatar] Offline
There appear some serious things to have happened before printing: Figures 1.6 through 1.11 all repeat figure 1.5. In comparison, the typo in the acknowledgements on page xx which goes to Scott Hansleman appears only as a really minor bug. (I did not manage to read through the whole book until now.)

It would have been wise to apply the old latin saying "festina lente!" before going to print! Sorry to say that.

Actually, apart from this, I like the contents.

Kind regards,

Goetz Heller
jim.jackson (21) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Serious bugs in final version
Hi Goetz,

First, sorry for the delay in responding. My schedule is pretty tight these days.

We have made the correction to Scott's name on page xx. Future releases of the e-book will have this correction.

Regarding the graphics in chapter 1 that all look similar, you will find in looking closely that there are various bits of the graphic that are either highlighted or grayed out a bit to provide focus to various elements. This is much more subtle than previous iterations but the graphics team at Manning and I felt this style was more helpful.

I hope this helps and thanks again for reading our book!

Jim Jackson II
hellerim (22) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Serious bugs in final version
Sorry for not having looked at the figures with the necessary diligence. I had another look to the printed copy I own and found that you're right. However, without your hint to the different gray levels I still would not have recognized it. Do you think that in the next printing different textures could be applied instead?

Kind regards,