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I Have read about how to implement LDAP with Activiti, but in my case I have to implement not only LDAP acces but also my USER class have to have additional attributes, for instance, in activiti USER class have just 5 attributes, but I need to have two more attributes, is the same for groups, it is possible to implement both UserManager and GroupManager in such a way that I can return my specific USER and GROUP implementations? I have seen that Activity has UserEntity and GroupEntity but I need my own implementations. It this possible?


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Re: Implementing my own User and Group management in Activiti
Hi Jerry,

Yes if you implement the User and Group interfaces you can do that. If you for example create a class named MyUser that implements the User interface and you would return this class in your UserManager implementation that's perfectly fine. UserEntity and GroupEntity are Activiti's own implementation of these interfaces, so you won't be using these classes.

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