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rkevinburton (29) [Avatar] Offline
When I follow the instructions to install HBase I execute the command:

export HBASE_HOME=`pwd`/hbase-0.94.3

This works for this login session but it doesn't appear that this exported variable is persisted. The next time I log in the variable is not defined. What can I do to prevent this?
ndimiduk (30) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Export HBASE_HOME?
For both JAVA_HOME and HBASE_HOME, you can export these variables from an environment file used by your user, something like ~/.profile. If you pursue this solution, you'll need to do so for every user you'd like to run HBase.

benslinkard (56) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Export HBASE_HOME?

Follow the given below given steps

1. Download HBase from HBase Dowonload site.

2. Unzip to /Users/hadoop/hbase-0.x.y

3. Set HBASE_HOME environment variable to the extracted hbase directory
In /Users/hadoop/.profile, add this line: “export HBASE_HOME=/Users/hadoop/hbase-0.x.y”

4. Set up ssh without password.

5. Update $HBASE_HOME/conf/ :
export JAVA_HOME=/Library/Java/Home
export HBASE_HEAPSIZE=1000

6. Update $HBASE_HOME/conf/hbase-site.xml :
<description>The directory shared by region servers.

7. Start HBase
$HBASE_HOME/bin/”, you may need to enter “yes” for the first time ssh connection.