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When I ordered your book I was expecting that you were going to give PostSharp and Castle DynamicProxy equal billing. I'm sure if you look at the blurb, you'll see how I could come to that opinion. In the Description section, it says, "and you'll explore the leading options, PostSharp and Castle DynamicProxy" and in the What's Inside section, it says, "How to use PostSharp and Castle DynamicProxy". Granted PostSharp comes first, both times but at no point does it suggest Castle Dynamic Proxy will be an also-ran. But in the book page three says "...the real examples will be written in PostSharp, with the occasional Castle DynamicProxy example mixed in".

I'm not AS bothered about this, now that I realise there's a free edition of PostSharp but I think it could be clearer. But I am still bothered about it: VS 2012 went to RC at the end of May 2012 and was downloadable mid-August. But PostSharp still doesn't have a 2012 version. In fact, they're only in CTP, six months after VS went to release candidate status. There's no published path, so I don't know if we're going to have to wait through Beta and RC before we see a live version, so I have to assume the worst. I'm not sure I want to take a dependency on a product that far adrift.
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Re: Misleading blurb in the main site


Thanks for ordering my book. I'll try to address your concerns as best I can!

First: The current release of PostSharp does work with Visual Studio 2012 for .NET 4 or .NET 3.5. Chad England wrote a blog post about this.

Second: I have some contacts with SharpCrafters, so I will try to find out as much as I can about the release date of PostSharp 3.0. SharpCrafters is a very small business: they are all working very hard to release a new product while simultaneously working to support their customer base.

Finally, perhaps my wording is a little misleading about Castle DynamicProxy. It's a great tool, and it is definitely important to this book, but there isn't a 1-to-1 match-up between PostSharp features and DynamicProxy features. While I have a lot of real examples in the book, my primary goal is to explain AOP to .NET developers, not document particular tool(s). I also use examples of other tools, for instance, including ASP.NET HttpModule and NotifyPropertyWeaver.



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Re: Misleading blurb in the main site

SharpCrafters is not willing to put an exact date on release (I don't blame them). Here's the official answer:

"We tag a branch “stable” when we get confident of its quality based on user feedback."

So there you have it. Keep an eye on the SharpCrafters site and/or my Twitter account for the latest release information.

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Re: Misleading blurb in the main site
Thanks for the update and for checking with SharpCrafters.

I've finished the first three chapters. More, please!

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