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mike22 (2) [Avatar] Offline
# One problem is I started using maven 2, and I don't know how to run a simple standalone in eclipse or at the command line

# But first, start jms broker:
$ cd /wherever/apache-activemq-5.5.1/macosx
$ activemq start

# go to the standalone sia example
$ cd /~/projects/messaging

#eclipse needs to know the path to the local maven repository
$ mvn eclipse:eclipse

# now open ~/projects/messaging in eclipse and it should find .m2
# good news: no red Xs in eclipse !
# good news: in Java Build Path, all the M2_REPO jars are happy !
# notice tcp://localhost:61616 is hard coded in com.springinaction.messaging.ConventionalReceiver,
# so it should find the running message broker
# sysouts are showing in console

# was helpful

# to run receiver at command line
$ cd /Users/michaelsweeney/projects/messaging
$ mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=com.springinaction.messaging.ConventionalReceiver &
# you should see your sysouts e.g. "020.30 main() in ConventionalReceiver"
$ ps -ef |grep java
# you should see the receiver waiting

# now run sender at command line
$ mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=com.springinaction.messaging.ConventionalSender

#if you put a sysout in the receiver right after :
Message message = consumer.receive();
... you should it after you do the send