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As the electronic publications stand the database examples do not reflect the fixed code (students enroll in and teachers teach offerings, not courses), and there are no updated roo scripts to reflect that, that I can find.

Will there ever be a corrected text and roo scripts?

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Re: Wanted - updated book text and roo script reflecting source code
I have been very busy on other work-related activities and so my attention has been elsewhere. However, Roo 1.2.3 is about to be released, and right on time for my vacation! smilie

I will take this as a research task and see what options we have. I know that the text can't change too much (bug fixes, not new sections) but the examples can be made more complete and corrected. We have to ramp them to 1.2.3 - and if anything changes in the add-on API for example, we'll need to correct it.

I will discuss with Srini.

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Re: Wanted - updated book text and roo script reflecting source code
I agree with Ken that the sample application code examples and any major new features need to be addressed with the upcoming Roo release.

I have been busy with my new job as well for last couple of months and I am looking forward to the holidays so I can also put some time into these tasks which are more fun than work tasks.
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Re: Wanted - updated book text and roo script reflecting source code
The scripts and code samples on the actual repository should be the code samples of record, and so if they are wrong, then they need to be fixed first.

Sometimes I reduce down the code sample to the essence it needs to be on paper - I will omit import statements (as explained in the forward) and other methods to prove the point. But if they are totally wrong in the book we need to discuss updating it.

I will also contact our editors about the timeline of doing a third revision to the book. Likely this will be the order of things:

1) update the version of all samples to 1.2.3.RELEASE
2) see what happens to the code - any code generation updates when running the Roo shell - such as JSPX code, etc.
3) update the book with those changes if needed
4) review chapters 3 - 4 and make sure the scripts I include either jive with the book or are a subset (with a note to refer to the script for the completed version).

This will be done on whatever time I can steal - right now it's a short Christmas break for me in the US and mostly I'm in charge of the kiddies the rest of the week, so it is no vacation. But I will work off the code testing over the timeframe.

Just to clarify something Srini had mentioned...

One thing we cannot count on right now is incorporating any major new features into the book. We're not tasked with that as of now and I don't see anything before Roo 1.3 or 2.0 that would trigger a big update of chapter content itself, etc... If an existing feature changes, we'll address it, but we can't add any new feature chapters without a lot of coordination and expense on Manning's side too, so we need to bring that up as a discussion with them first.

Hope this helps spell out our intentions at this point.