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Hi Tomas, Phillip, and Johann.
Hope all's well and you're enjoying the seasons bright moments!!

Please, take a look at Even Czaplicki's work.

It speaks to me.

Please forgive me if you've covered the same issues, and most humbly, I'm just not sharp enough to get it, a real problem for me; yet I persist.
I'm confused ... I saw NodeBox 3. A Friendly Face today, a grfx gui.
Elm + grfx gui?

I think Elm and WebSharper et al are after the hot x-platform to web, beyound html, css, js ... next big thing.
Is it still true that xna, wpf performance beats web anything?
Is that why native is the way to go for mobile apps?

Maybe I'm confusing DT web apps and mobile web apps graphics performance?

Well ... hoping the light bulb will turn on for me.

Thanks for all your help.

PS maybe I'm wishing for an F# version of Elm ... but better.