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hellerim (22) [Avatar] Offline
Header of Listing 2.13 should read "Accrue" instead of "Accure"

Very readable text!

Kind regards

matthew.groves (46) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Typo

Thank you for pointing that out. Looks like there are a handful of places where I made that same typo. I've fixed them in the manuscript, so you should see that corrected in future versions.


VilleSalonen (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Typo

Are you interested in typo feedback at this stage of writing? If you are, I and others can provide you a list of them but if they're just a detriment in this early stage, let me now so I won't bother you with them yet. smilie
matthew.groves (46) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Typo
I'm grateful for any feedback, whether it's about a typo or about a major concept of the book. So I wouldn't call it a detriment.

However, the manuscript hasn't gotten to the stage of editing where typos/grammar/spelling are looked at closely, so it's probably best to save that feedback until later.

RobertoI (29) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Typo
I have two new typo to report for MEAP Version 2 (PDF).

1) At the bottom of page 61 of, you have written: "We can make similar changes to the Accural method as well.". It should be Accrual.

2)In the header of Listing 2.20 you should replace AccuralService for AccrualService.