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i have downloaded the books files... however after loading the files with several diff browsers. i never get the same display as in the books. chapter2/lab.selectors and the wrapped set lab in the following pages.

please let me know if i'm doing something wrong. Thanks Dan
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Re: Download files dont work...
I've experienced the same: problem was that I had not enabled IIS. After I'd done that and copied the sourcefolder to wwwroot and accessed in the browser via


it worked.

Hope this helps somebody,
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Ohh..really its a great post for me.Some days before i detect the same problem.I download the file but not working like the original.I am a developer and i am developed a website based on erp software uae .And the same problem occurred in my website.Now i am solve that problem.Thank you for sharing these wonderful information with us.
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I had the same problem with my website Company Formation Qatar and this solved my issue!