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david.wood (45) [Avatar] Offline
Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Linked Data forum. We are excited at getting our book to MEAP and are anxiously awaiting your comments.

MEAP is your chance to impact what Linked Data will contain. We have roughly half of the book written now, but every chapter can and will be changed based on your feedback.

Please post your comments here to get answers, suggest changes or sign up to test our sample code.

Thanks in advance! We look forward to working with you to create the best Linked Data book possible.

Irwin (16) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Welcome to the Linked Data Forum!
I'm glad you've chosen to write a book on this topic as I've been interested in how to do 'data mining' on the web.

I noticed what appears to be an out of sequence paragraph in chapter 3, page 43. You refer to someone named Myers who is actually introduced on the next page.

Other comments: I'm only early into chapter 3 yet I'm getting overwhelmed with only partially explained RDFa links. I understand that you seem to be trying to familiarize your reader with the layout but I find myself getting distracted by strange acronyms that regularly appear (foaf ???). Selling the reader on the wonders and benefits of linked data its fine in chapter 1, if I've made it to chapter 3 you don't have to keep persuading me.

I'm looking forward to further reading.
david.wood (45) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Welcome to the Linked Data Forum!
HI Irwin,

Very unfortunately, you are reading Chapter 3 ahead of Chapter 2. It is entirely my fault that the book went to MEAP without Chapter 2 completed. That chapter will explain both the structure of RDFa and the meaning of vocabularies like FOAF.

I am working on Chapter 2 now and will make sure it answers your concerns. Thanks very much for your feedback!

Marsha (8) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Welcome to the Linked Data Forum!
Hi Irwin,
Thank you for letting me know about that out of sequence reference. I will fix it.

JLancaster (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Welcome to the Linked Data Forum!
Looking forward to this book, David! Hope to catch presentation at Semantic Web meetup. I'm particularly interested in how to build a web application that allows a user to access and work with a knowledge base that is (or can be associated with) a type of systems model (either causal network model, such as Selventa or Ingenuity-type knowledge assemblies, OR perhaps even a quantitative, time-dependent, dynamic systems model constructed from linked quad-stores or n-stores). My first cut at this is for accelerating biomedical research.
david.wood (45) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Welcome to the Linked Data Forum!
Thanks, JLancaster. I look forward to meeting you in Cambridge. In the meantime, you might have a look at the Callimachus Project (, which has many of the properties you describe for building custom Web application that are semantically driven. In fact, it is being used for some biomedical research and health care applications now.