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p. 34: table - phoneStartupScreen: Missing word: Set this option *to* the ...
p. 34: table - icon: Missing word: It should only be set *if* you plan ...
p. 36. Sec. 2.3.2, 1. line: Remove marked word ... we'll need to first create *the* some files ...
p. 36. Sec. 2.3.2, 1. par, 3. line: "to get use*d* to (missing d)
P. 36. When talking about the new directories that should be inserted, it would have been nice at this point to be told *where* this should be done. It would have saved me a lot of frustration.
p. 37. Last sentence before sect. 2.4. ... a clear picture of what we’ll be constructor. I guess it should be "constructing".
p. 39. 3. line - sentence has no ending.
p. 39. Last sentence : no space before and in "Ext.dataview.Listand"
p 39. Last line: Misspelled MainContainer.
p. 40 Last paragraph. Our extension *of* the Sencha Touch form Panel. Marked missing word.
p. 42. I would have preferred that the name of the class, MainContainer, had aslo been used in the title of Listing 2.7.
p. 43. Last par. Therefore, we can use *the use* this.getComponent. Remove the two words between **.
The book is unclear as to where in the project hierarchy the new directory MyApp is to be inserted.
From listing 2.8, is is obvious that it is not in the root of the project (do to how it references the sencha-touch libraries).
I have seen in other code examples from the same chapter that the sencha-touch library is references in different ways. This should be consistent, and the advice on how to do this should be clear from the start.