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Sorry if some of these issues have been reported before. I am reading MEAP v.9.

p2, line 4. ... mobile app app ...
p5. 1. line of section 1.1.2 - This sentence doesn't make sense. A missing word or wrong word form: To make user of mobile interactions, ... Suggestion: To make use of ???
p5. next sentence: One way Sencha Touch *to* comes close to (remove marked to).
p5. pink explanation box - 2. line - ... and how *the* each individual device (remove the)
p.5. As for the comment about GPU speed, maybe you should mention the Android devices that do stand out, i.e, the Samsung galaxy SIII. If not, this seems like a commercial for Apple.
p. 22. The fig. title is wrong. Says landscape - should be portrait (at least from the figure that is shown).
p. 23. Last paragraph of section 1.3. Sentence beginning with Before we wrap up ...
... I want to talk to --- about (either cut the last to or add you).
p. 24. siste avsnitt av seksjon 1.4.1. My suggestion is to try to ... complexity of the screen size as possible. Guess it should be "as much as possible".
p. 26. 2. paragraph, 2. line hat -> what (think I saw this reported before though).