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fmanley (1) [Avatar] Offline
On page 82, there's a short MSBuild script example. I'm working on a project (new to C#.NET, but long time java programmer), and figured I'd give it a try. I pointed it to my solution file, and it started outputting a bunch of "deleting file..." lines which went too quickly for me to read. Then it failed for reasons that make no sense to me.

What does this script do? What files is it deleting and recreating? Long story short, I'm using Prism/Unity and a custom Framework that makes use of both of them. Before I ran the script, a nice default application window would get displayed with the view I had written. After I ran it, all that is being displayed is a blank windows window. No build errors, no warnings. I have the .sln file in svn and they're identical. I have no idea what the build script did, but I imagine it had something to do with the "Clean" command. I honestly have no idea where to go from here... hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.
marcin.kawalerowicz (11) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Custom sln build script broke my application
All the script from page 82 does is to run the default Clean and Rebuild tasks on the solution file. Nothing more and nothing less. Its almost the same as clicking the right mouse button on the solution file in Visual Studio and issuing Clean and after that Rebuild command.