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hello, please help me. I follow every word in chapter 3, but I currently have a lot of problem. First, in section 3.2.3, the author said that when the diagram is saved, an xml file will be created; however, I can not find this xml file anywhere in my activiti project.
Second, in section 3.2.4, where can I find the "book order process.bpmn"? I imported the bpmnexamples project into my eclipse, but I can not find it.
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Re: problem with chapter 3

For section 3.2.3 you have created a new Activiti project using the Activiti Designer plugin. When you go through the new Activiti diagram wizard next you have to specify a process name which corresponds to the model file name and the location where you want to save it. The .bpmn file can be opened in two views, the graphical view and the XML view. So to see the XML view you have to open the .bpmn file in the Eclipse XML viewer.
In section 3.2.4 you have copied a .bpmn20.xml file from the Activiti Modeler or the bpmn-examples modeler/chapter3 folder and you should rename it to a .bpmn file. So then you would have the .bpmn file.

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