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Hello, i'm soon taking the certification, OCP Java SE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer Exam (OCP-EJBD/OCE-EJBD 6. As a final run, i was thinking about updating the codexamples to maven/glassfish, and put them on github. Still EJB 3.0 of course. Can't see a license for the code though, is it under gpl2 or something? If not, would it be ok to do so for the updated examples?
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Re: License questions and codexamples update.
Yes, it's fine. Licensing the code was never a consideration -- you are free to use it any way you want smilie. If you think it's important, feel free to add an Apache license. GPL is not needed -- it's a bit heavy handed smilie.
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Re: License questions and codexamples update.

I bought the EJB3 in Action Second edition (MEAP).
In my bookshelf, both 1st and 2nd edition of EJB3 In Action is shown.

But, the download link for Code samples of 1st Edition is not working.
I think the link is wrong.

Can you please check?

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Hi ,
I bought EJB3 in action, second edition. Apart from home PC , can I download it at my work read it ?