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BoHarris (45) [Avatar] Offline
Hi I'm pretty experienced from a C#/.Net perspective but totally new to the whole JavaScript/SenchaTouch2 perspective. Considering using SenchaTouch2 to build a few apps of my own and deploy to the app stores and considering using this book but had some questions before I take the plunge.

1) What IDE is used throughout the book? Is it free/cheap/expensive?

2) Does it provide a visual studio drag/drop layout experience for the UI development?

3) Is PhoneGap integration required in order to deploy apps to the ios/android app stores? Is it pretty easy to integrate the two?

4) Subjective question here I know, but is SenchaTouch as marketable as Asp.Net? Is it in high demand?

Any other advice you can think of would be highly appreciated. Thanks for your time!
SuperRoach (6) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Newbie questions
Hi, I can answer this as not the author I guess.
1. Not sure, you can use any. I'm personally using and recommend PHPStorm due to it's lovely autocompletion and intellisense like features, but Netbeans is free and has most of it's stuff.
2. There is a drag and drop program available on Extjs website, I forgot its name. In general though, the book centers around programmaticly doing it.
3. Yes, and no. I think chapter 11 may cover using Senchas new cloud based packaging program though.
4. I wouldn't call either language "marketable"... just having a portfolio is far more important.
mitchellsimoens (12) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Newbie questions
I know Jay and I use IntelliJ IDEA, I'm not quite sure what Anthony uses. The IDE yo u use is really developer choice, you could do it in Notepad on Windows, heck, even vi.

As SuperRoach said, Sencha provides a drag/drop editor to help:

For the marketable aspect, I work for Sencha so I am a little biased but I my primary job is to provide help on the forums and from my work on the forums, there are a lot of devs using Sencha Touch, I have many friends also using it so I can say Sencha Touch is being widely used and developed with.