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page 18

With the Data View, we’re completely responsible for a lot of work, including defining
the XTemplate that will be used to stamp out the HTML fragments, and styling how the
items are rendered on screen.

"to stamp out" means to abolish, or to crush. It should probably be replaced with "to form", or maybe the whole sentence should be rephrased.

page 24

My suggestion is to try to reduce the amount of data as well as the complexity of the
screen size as possible. Reducing the user interaction models is also a plus, as complex user
interaction models for mobile web applications.

"screen size as possible" doesn't make sense to me. Should probably be "screen as much as possible".

"as complex user
interaction models for mobile web applications." I think the period here is premature.

I believe that entering the conversion process with this in mind helps you truly set
realistic expectations with your customers. "truly set" should be "set".

page 26

We then took a deep dive into the world of the SenchaTouch UI widget set and got to
learn about hat is offered out of the box.

"hat" should be "what".
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Re: I Just Downloaded The Book And Made Some Remarks Concerning Chapter One
Thank you for the comments. I will review Chapter One to see if I can clear some of these things up.